Lutronic Hollywood Spectra™ Laser

What is the Lutronic Hollywood Spectra™ Laser?

It’s the world’s leading ultra-short pulse (1064/532nm) laser platform with a reputation for transforming even the most challenging skin issues. Equipped with proprietary capabilities, the Hollywood Spectra laser reduces unwanted skin pigmentation and helps stimulate collagen production. Its intelligent and intuitive design rejuvenates complexions, removes multi-color tattoos, and perform the popular Hollywood Laser Peel® and AcnePeel™.

  • Targets unwanted pigment through nano-acoustic technology
  • Controlled photothermal skin revitalization
  • Enables Hollywood Laser Peel® and AcnePeel™ treatments
  • PTP+™ multi-pulse modes are available for sensitive skin
  • MDF handpiece for scar revision, including acne scars

The Hollywood Spectra is one-of-a-kind

The Hollywood Spectra stands as the first US FDA-cleared device to treat melasma. Use for all skin types while refining the skin’s texture and tone.

How long does a treatment session last?

Hollywood Spectra treatments usually last 30 minutes or less with minimal downtime, depending on the specific procedure. Tattoo removal treatments, however, require a short healing period to allow slight crusting in the treated area to dissipate. Results are permanent.

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