Skin Cancer Treatments

Skin Cancer Treatments include:

  • Cryosurgery Some basal cell carcinomas respond to cryosurgery, where liquid nitrogen is used to freeze off the tumor.
  • Curettage and Desiccation This treatment involves using a small metal instrument (called a curette) to scrape out the tumor along with an application of an electric current into the tissue to kill off any remaining cancer cells.
  • Surgical Excision In this treatment the tumor is surgically removed and stitched up.
  • Prescription Medicated Creams These creams can be applied at home. They stimulate the body’s natural immune system over the course of weeks.
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery The preferred method for large tumors, Mohs Micrographic Surgery combines removal of cancerous tissue with microscopic review while the surgery takes place. By mapping the diseased tissue layer by layer, less healthy skin is damaged when removing the tumor.
  • Radiation Therapy — Radiation therapy is used for difficult-to-treat tumors, either because of their location, severity or persistence.

Photodynamic Therapy for Skin Cancer

At Precision Dermatology, in addition to other therapies, we use an effective treatment for pre-cancers known as photodynamic therapy (PDT). This treatment uses light, combined with special medications known as photosensitizing agents, to destroy cancer cells. The medications, which are administered topically, are activated by the light source. There is always a time lapse between when the drug is administered and when the light is applied; this drug-to-light interval can vary, depending on the kind of medication used, typically around 1-2 hours. PDT has many advantages over other types of treatment, including that it is noninvasive. Even so, in some cases PDT is not an appropriate option.